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In the Shower
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From the episode: American Prankster
Singers: Cleveland Brown, Jr.
Voices: Kevin Michael Richardson, Mike Henry

"In the Shower" is sung by Cleveland Brown Jr. in "American Prankster" to the tune of "In the Ghetto" made famous by Elvis Presley as Rallo gets revenge for Donna taking away his dessert and giving it to Junior when she gets tired of Rallo's pranks.


Cleveland Jr.: If there's one thing that I do need

Is to wash my privates and get real clean

In the shower

In the shower!...

[Rallo enters]

Rallo: [laughs] Damn fat showerin' Elvis.

Take my dessert, thinks he's so cool.

Well, he's about to get hot!

[Junior finishes his song with "Thank You, thank you very much" as Rallo flushes the toilet and Junior screams]