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I Love L-A-T-I-N-O-S
From the episode: There Goes El Neighborhood
Singers: Choni, Cecilia, Cleveland Brown, Lester
Voices: Rosie Perez, Mike Henry, Elia Saldana, Kevin Michael Richardson

"I Love L-A-T-I-N-O-S" is sung by Choni to help improve his attitude and beliefs about Latino culture in "There Goes El Neighborhood". The opening starts out to the tune of "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer" and Cleveland finishes with a touch of "I Love L.A." by Randy Newman.



Choni: You know tacos and vatos and chollos and gringos

Cleveland: I know uno and dos and tres, cuatro and cinco

Choni: But are you aware of the beauty Latinos can share

Cleveland: Where are we?

Choni: The old mission where Spanish priests first established St. Oolbend.

Cleveland: Oohhh, this whole town is a Mexican.

Choni: And that's not all, Cleveland...

We truly embody the American dream

Cecilia: We work in every court from the food to the Supreme

We've got César Chávez and Oscar De La Hoya

Choni: Have an accidente, we'll get you a lawyer

Cecilia: We brought mariachi music from Guadalajara

Choni: And spicy hot dishes...

Cleveland: Like Sofia Vergara

Choni: Now you're getting it!

Cecilia: Have a taste of our culture

Like a juicy papaya

At the Northernmost pyramid

Built by the Mayans

Cleveland: Hmm, I always thought this was the Q-Bert Museum

Cecilia: At the Latino Museum you can learn our rich past

We're so much more than a mouse who runs fast

We value friendship and family and for some reason Morrisey

Lester: And God help us all when the become the majority

Cleveland: Lester! No Bueno!

Choni: So now you're starting to see things our way

Cecilia: We're more than just chips and guacamole

Cleveland: I've learned a lot and I'm happy to say...

I Love L-A...T-I-N-O-S!