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I'm Paying a Young Boy for Sex
3aps08 319 STILL-0143

From the episode: A General Thanksgiving Episode
Singers: Holt Richter, Rallo
Voices: Jason Sudeikis, Mike Henry

"I'm Paying a Young Boy for Sex" is sung by Holt with accompaniment by Rallo after he finds out that Rallo is a chick magnet in "A General Thanksgiving Episode". Rallo helps his score with the ladies in exchange for cash and goods.



Holt: We've got an arrangement, it works like a charm

Rallo: He puts toys in my room, I put girls on his arm

Holt: He gets me chicks

Rallo: He writes me checks

Holt: I'm paying a young boy for sex

Rallo: Uh, I don't think...

Holt: Who knew I could bag a babe that's not a blow-up doll?

Rallo: All you had to do was buy me half of the mall

Holt: I scored a D-cup!

Rallo: I scored a t-rex!

Holt: I'm paying a five year-old for sex

Rallo: Seriously man, that sounds...

Holt: [In bed with a girl] I love kids so much, I can't wait to have one of my own.

Girl: Ahh, me too!

[Holt turns to another girl in the same bed]

Holt: That's why I love being a Big Brother to Rallo. I get to rediscover the world through a child's eyes.

Second girl: That's sooo sweet!

[Holt turns back to an entire cheerleading squad just past the first girl]

Holt: I mean, I guess I'm supposed to be teaching him, but really, he's teaching me.

Cheerleaders: Awwwwww!

Holt: Don't need no roofies with a wing-boy this nice

Rallo: I'll help you seal the deal for the right Fisher-Price

Holt: He's A-B-Cs

Rallo: He's triple 'X'

Holt: I'm using this young boy's face for sex

Rallo: Ok, that sounds the worst!

Together: Paying a young boy for sex!

[Herbert is home watching The Cleveland Show on television]

Herbert: Say, that's catchy.