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Donna: I'm not Yo-Yo Ma. I'm yo' mama.

[Cleveland lies down on the couch. he gets up and opens the door to see Freight Train and Robert]
Freight Train: Hey, tubby, we're back from Vegas.
Cleveland: So did you have fun with cool Robert?
Robert: Hell yeah. Did you know there is a hepatitis J? [laughs] Vegas is crazy.
Cleveland: Ho-ho, I know. I went to the M&M store once.
Freight Train: Yeah, we got real crazy. So crazy that we decided to make him and me official.
Cleveland: You got murried?
Freight Train: What?! Hell no. That would be ridiculous. I've adopted him. He's my son, now.
Cleveland: What?
Freight Train: I've always wanted a son I could point to and say "See that man over there? In a track suit? That's my son. My boy. A spawn." Nobody always track suit like my son.
Cleveland: You've never seen me in my romper. I'll go get it. [leaves]
Freight Train: [sighs; to Robert] Come on, cool son. Let's go wrestle up with some hustle.
Cleveland: [in his romper] Uh, Donna, get my back slips.
Donna: They're gone, Cleveland.
Cleveland: [mumbling] My bottom's talking.

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