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[At Harper Elementary, students give their presentations in front of a big audience. Rallo attempts to do his presentation about his trip to Africa, unaware of the fact that he has been to Hawaii instead]
Rallo: Welcome to my report. My journey to Africa. [Camera pans to Cleveland and Donna in the audience]
Cleveland: [Curious] When did Rallo go to Africa? [Remembers] Oooooooooooooh!
Rallo: [While showing a slide of a typical Hawaii coastal area] Africa, a tropical paradise with white sandy beaches and PGA-rated golf courses. Africa's main exports are pineapples [Shows a slide of a pineapple growing facility], Macadamia nuts [Flips to a slide of several packs branded "Mama Loa" before flipping to the next slide] and Jack Johnson [Shown on the beach holding a guitar and gently smiling]. Each morning when you wake up they leave a copy of Africa's nr. 1 newspaper "Oosa Today" [He mispronounces USA Today, an issue of which is seen lying on a silver tray next to a croissant, a cup of coffee and a glass of orange juice]. After several of what I call "Grown-Up-Drinks", it is customary for the elders to sleep half-naked till three o'clock and let you swim in the ocean alone [concluding with a slide of Cleveland and Donna passed out on their hotel bed at the beach, with wide-open doors and Rallo at the seaside in the distance. Camera pans to Cleveland and Donna who notice they've been busted by the audience, and smile awkwardly before the camera pans back to Rallo]
Rallo: So in conclusion, I would like to say thank you. For as they say in Africa, "Mahalo, for coming to the Monakea Four Seasons".
[Camera back to Cleveland and Donna, still awkwardly smiling]
Cleveland: [Speaking through his forced smile] Yay, what a cool dad, took his kid to Hawaii. [Turns to Donna and they run away] Bye Bye!

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