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Hot Wheels is Rallo's flashy and effeminate kindergarten classmate at Harper Elementary School.

When Rallo sets his sights on portraying President Obama in the Harper Elementary Unity Parade float in "Brown History Month", he is disappointed to learn that Mrs. Lowenstein already promised the role to Hot Wheels.

Hot Wheels is envious of the lunch Cleveland Brown Jr. prepares for Rallo in "Fist and the Furious".

When Rallo decides to stand up to some bullies who want to rob the class in "Grave Danger", the other kids follow suit and insult them, notably Hot Wheels who states that they drink tap water like a dog. Rallo calls a halt and seeks each kid in class to offer up a possession for the kids, noting that they have nothing. However, he gives Hot Wheels a pass, noting that they probably wouldn't want anything of his.