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Hazel is a scam artist who marries Rallo's friend Murray for his money in "Sex and the Biddy".

When Murray gets a girlfriend named Hazel, Rallo feels left out. When he finds out that Murray bought her diamonds as well as holding Murray's credit cards he suspects she is after Murray's money and tries to save him from making a costly mistake. With Cleveland Junior in tow, they spy on Hazel and discover she is indeed working a scam playing another man who also gives her diamonds. However, Rallo is discovered and is threatened by Hazel who pushes him into a nearby stream. Rallo tries to confront Hazel with Murray but she denies he claims and Murray announces he is getting married. Rallo rounds up her other lovers and tries to stop the wedding but arrives too late when they are sent to the wrong location originally. Immediately after the wedding Hazel has Murray re-committed to the nursing home. Rallo and Murray get even by making Hazel get committed on her own by placing cats everywhere until she cracks.

Hazel is voiced by Kathryn Joosten.