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Harris Grundel is the chauvinistic owner of Grundle's Department Store that Roberta goes to work for to buy herself a Gucchi purse rather than participate in a family charity drive in "'Tis the Cleveland to be Sorry".

At Grundle's, Roberta gets hired as an skimpily-dressed elf and Kendra demands to get upgraded from Mrs. Claus to the role of Santa after the old Santa dies but is passed over in favor of Arch. Kendra finds a sympathetic ear in Roberta but when she points her to a job as Santa at a laundromat, Kendra turns her down, wanting the job at Grundle's.

When Arch bails on the job and the kids are left without gifts, Kendra takes on the challenge of providing Christmas although she has trouble getting to the store. Cleveland and the homeless from the Stoolbend Mission find Kendra frozen in the snow and help her get to the store. Roberta and her co-workers complain about continuing to have to wear their costumes and quit, tossing Mr. Grundle their shorts.

Grundel is voiced by Nick Offerman.