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Hadassah Lowenstein
Mrs. Lowenstein
Vital statistics
Jobs Kindergarten Teacher
Voiced by Alex Borstein

Hadassah Lowenstein is Rallo's kindergarten teacher at Harper Elementary School. Rallo was kicked out of school for pulling down her pants but Cleveland talks her into giving him another chance in the "Pilot". She is a stereotypical Jewish person, putting huge amounts of emphasis on the hard "c" sounds in words, as well as throwing Yiddish words and phrases into her everyday conversations.

She seems to occasionally display the Jewish stereotype of being "cheap". She offers to drive Rallo to his house for fifty dollars in "Brown History Month" (and actually does drive Roberta home for the same price). She also finds a penny on the floor, and after making a joke about the stereotype she portrays, is quick to pick it up.

She runs the Christmas pageant in "A Cleveland Brown Christmas".

Also in "Brown History Month", she appears to have an interesting color bias, as she refused to pick any of her black skinned students to take up the roles of famous black people throughout history on their float in the Unity Parade, including Rallo, choosing Hot Wheels over him for the role of Barack Obama, and saying that Dylan would be the Muhammad Ali out of two other black students.

Hadassah plays the role of one of the hostages taken by Tim and his group of thieves in "Die Semi-Hard".

During nap time in "Grave Danger", Mrs. Lowenstein states that she likes to lie down with the kids and pretend they are her children.

She has issues with children with alternate guardians, telling a student in "Of Lice and Men"that a note was strictly for his dead mother and he could not give it to his grandmother. She also protests when she realizes Dee Dee is substituting for Donna in a conference, although she is willing to accept Robert Tubbs.