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  • This episode has no cutaway gags.
  • Roberta is only heard once in the episode. Junior only has a couple of brief lines, noting that he has a bye week.
  • As Robert drives away with Rallo, Tyler can be seen through the car's rear window flipping Rallo the bird.
  • "Don't Fear the Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult plays while the guys hang out at the cemetery.
  • The Pastor from "Cleveland Jr. Cherry Bomb" turns up in East Stoolbend. Another pastor who originally married Cleveland and Donna in the "Pilot" presides over a funeral attended by Murray.
  • Donna reads Viener Magazine, named after John Viener.
  • Both Cleveland and Rallo have suits worn by celebrities purchased from Ebay.
  • Donna hints at either having sex in a casket or grave or having tried necrophilia when she mentions renewing her membership to the "Six Feet Under Club."

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