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Rallo: He called me the 'N' word! [Donna looks at Cleveland]
Cleveland: Well, I'm allowed to, right?

Roberta: I can't believe we're stuck in this motel for another night! Nothing exciting has ever happened at the D.C. hotel!
Raymond: Didn't Marion Berry get caught smoking crack at a D.C. hotel?
Roberta: Okay, yeah, but besides that.
Raymond: Didn't Reagan get shot at a D.C. hotel?
Roberta: Besides that.
Raymond: Watergate happened at a hotel, I know that.
Roberta: I know, I know.
Raymond: And didn't Elliot Spitzer...
Roberta: [cutting him off] Okay, whatever! The point is we need to go out and find a party.
Oliver: Hey, guys, I got the idea. We need to go out to find a party!
Federline: Yo, Oliver's right. There are so many bummed spots out there where I can get the crowd jumpin' with my demo! There's a fat beat on top of it, I'm going like [beatboxing], then I'd go, "Federline! Federline! JOONES!" It's hot, y'all. Peace.

Cleveland: We got the DVR so we could record the programs we want to watch... with the commercials! Your generation needs to calm down! Look, these ad men are doing all they can to figure out the things we like and put them on TV. They know what we want to buy. They're going shopping for us! Fast forward through the commercial. Fast forward to your bedtime!

Cleveland Jr.: That's right! I'm a boy!

Hooker: Hi, honey. You boys ready for the party?
Cleveland Jr. You mean like a pizza party?
Hooker: Let me rephrase that. You wanna see my vagenis?

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