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Rallo: Mom!!!
Donna: [brandishing a bat] You havin' a nightmare?
Rallo: No. But–what were you gonna do— Never mind. Check it out. [touches "The Eliminator" line with a ruler] The day is here. I'm tall enough to ride The Eliminator, the scariest roller coaster there is.
Donna: Fine, we'll go to Crazy Kingdom this weekend. [Rallo hugs her by the legs] Now I gotta get back before Cleveland realizes I'm not in bed.
Cleveland: [off-screen] Donna? Donna! I'm trapped inside the duvet cover!

Cleveland: Ohh – here come old Dixie!

Cleveland: Rrraghhh! Uncaring bastards!

Gus: [piggybacking on Jr.] Wheee! This is wonderful!

[Cleveland is beat up]
Cleveland: Well, thank God the doctor said it wasn't serious. I could have died. And Junior, I asked that you not include this embarrassing episode in your embarrassing report.
Cleveland Jr.: I'm not writing my report about you anymore, Dad. I'm not really looking to remind people that we're related. The teasing about your toilet accident or "crappcident" has been at best unkind.
Cleveland: How did they even hear about it?
Donna: I mentioned it to everyone I know.
Rallo: I also mentioned it to everyone I know, and introduce myself to a few people just to tell them.
Roberta: I tweeted it to my one point two million followers.
Cleveland: Well, falling off the toilet is nothing to be ashamed of, Junior.
Cleveland Jr.: Don't call me Junior. From now on, my name is Carlton Brown. [leaves] Come on, stepsiblings. [Rallo and Roberta follow him]
[Cleveland sighs]
Donna: Don't worry, Cleveland. Carlton will come around.
Cleveland: Who? Oh, Carlton Brown? He's just trying to get between me and my son who I love and I want to be proud of me. That I can't be the only one who's ever fallen off a toilet. [stands up] I'll prove it! [leaves]
Donna: I wonder if my profile's still up.

Rallo: Hey Roberta. I'm gonna become a man this weekend.
Roberta: What's that Rallo?
Rallo: Let me ask you something. You are an experienced young woman. You remember your first time?
Roberta: What? What makes you even think I had a first time?
Rallo: Come on I know you like to go fast. Did you scream?
Roberta: What?
Rallo: When you were done did you go back on?
Roberta: Rallo!
Rallo: Did you take a picture? Did anyone throw up on you? Is it better on the front or the back? What face did you make? Was there a long line? Did you keep your eyes open the whole time? Were you worried you're gonna get stuck? How long did you think you were upside down?
Roberta: That is my business and I'm not talking to you about it. Get out! I'm not gonna tell anybody about my first rollercoaster.

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