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Flick You Goodbye
343-TK 2A
From the episode: Terry Unmarried
Singers: Rallo & his booger
Voices: Mike Henry, Justin Timberlake

Flick You Goodbye is the duet Rallo sings with his booger when he decides to quit eating boogers in "Terry Unmarried".



Rallo: My love

The nuggets of my life

I picked you and it picks me up

My crusty, salty wife

How I love your sweet goo

To roll you around and eat you

You gave this man the best few years of his young life

It's not love and it's not lust

I want to eat your moist parts and your crust

But baby, baby, baby

I gotta flick you goodbye

Booger: Ooooo, you gotta flick me goodbye.

Wait a minute, not so fast

You can't smear me under the table with the past

I hold your life together; I'm the paste


Put me in, your mouth

Enjoy my moist forbidden taste

Put your finger up there and dig out what your nose is wearing as a wig

Rallo: It's not love

Booger: No it's not

Rallo: It's not lust

Booger: Ooo, you know it

Rallo: I want to eat your moist parts and your crust

Booger: I want to be inside you

Rallo: But baby, baby, baby

I got to flick you...

Booger: Yeah, you got to flick me...

Rallo: Yeah I got to flick you..

Booger: OOOooo

Together: Goodbye

Booger: Aaahhhhh

(spoken) But I'm your booger sugar