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Mrs. Stapleton's broadcast appearance.

Mrs Tisdale

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Mrs. Fern Stapleton is the mother of Lacey and Kyle Stapleton, a well-to-do family in Stoolbend.

In "The Curious Case of Jr. Working at the Stool", she asks Roberta to show off Rallo who has been disguised as an African adoptee to one-up Lacey at "Caucasian Heroes Offering Dollars Everywhere" (C.H.O.D.E.), an organization she chairs.

Mrs. Stapleton also appears at the "Beer Walk!" and the Stoolbend Historical Preservation Society dinner in "The Blue And The Gray And The Brown".

Stapleton's first name is revealed as Fern and she owns Stapleton Realty in "The Essence of Cleveland".

When Jr. nearly convinces Cleveland that he is replacing him as the man in Donna's life in "Dancing with the Stools", Cleveland finds a new place to live through Stapleton realty.

FOX promotional images of Mrs. Stapleton originally depicted her with orange hair before being changed to more closely match her daughter. She appears with both of these hair colors in the same scene in "The Blue And The Gray And The Brown".

Donna, Fern and Arianna drag Cleveland to an art museum in "Here Comes the Bribe".

She is a suspect in the murder of Lydia Waterman In "Who Done Did It?".

She was voiced by Kristen Wiig in "The Curious Case of Jr. Working at the Stool" and Beth Littleford in "The Essence of Cleveland", "BFFs" and "Here Comes the Bribe".