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Eunice Henry Harrison is the fictional wooden wife of former US President William Henry Harrison. As the story told by Goochland goes in "Escape From Goochland", Harrison became so enamored of Goochland that after his death he left the wooden figure to the town.

When Cleveland berates Federline for his attitude, pointing out he isn't the gangster he thinks he is. Federline takes off. After the guys hop a train to Stoolbend to escape a mob in Goochland, Federline catches up, having stolen the wooden statue of Eunice. Hot on his heels is a mob from Goochland which proceeds to tear apart Stoolbend. As Cleveland and the town decide what to do, Gus reveals that the statue originally belonged to Stoolbend until "borrowed" by Goochland in 1903.

After Stoolbend defetes the invaders from Goochland, Gus places the statue of Eunice in his trunk saying she'll be a canoe when he's done.