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[Roberta is texting]
Cleveland Jr.: Thanks for making us so we can't have costumes, Roberta. You ruined Halloween!
Roberta: It's my mom and Cleveland's fault. They're the ones who said we can't buy costumes this year.
[Rallo comes by on a tricycle, dressed as a dummy]
Rallo: Except for me, 'cause I'm so gooood! [stabs a tomato with a knife] Die! Die! Die! Die! Die!
[he leaves]
Roberta: Awww. [to Cleveland Jr.] Look, I'm still going out this Halloween, and since I can't go with someone sexy, I'm gonna dress up as the least sexy thing possible. [changes her hair into Donna's] This is how I'm getting back at my mom.
Cleveland Jr.: You're gonna have sex with my dad!
Roberta: No! I'm going as my mom. And you should go as Cleveland. Then we could go out, egg houses, T.P. trees...
[a knife stab is heard and Rallo screams]
Rallo: I cut myself pretty bad!
Cleveland Jr.: And people will think dad did it.
Roberta: Come on, Junior. Let's get you in Cleveland's clothes. [walks to the closet]
Cleveland Jr.: Okay, but don't look at my breasts. They're not finished.
Rallo: [off-screen] Oh, no, no, no. Ya'll keep planning your pranks. I'll just sit over here and bleed out.

Rallo: Hi, I died. No, just kidding. I'll see y'all next week!

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