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Ernie Krinklesac
Vital statistics
Age 17
Relatives :
Jobs Student
Voiced by Glenn Howerton

Ernie Krinklesac is the son of Lester and Kendra. Ernie first appeared in the Pilot at Cleveland and Donna's wedding. Ernie also appeared in "The One About Friends" where he became Cleveland Jr.'s new best friend and went so far as to wanting to move in with him. In this episode, it is revealed that Ernie has a pet opossum named Princess. This episode also showed that the Krinklesac household was no place for Ernie to be raised, and he was taken away by child services. Ernie and his father bond when they discover that the only reason they didn't want to live together was because they thought the other didn't, and Lester is able to bring Ernie back home.

After visiting Arnold's Whoreshack in "Cleveland Jr. Cherry Bomb", Ernie apparently married a whore known as 'Two-Virgine' Merline although he later dated Sharla Krinkelsac in "Y Tu Junior Tambien" whom they didn't think they were related. He also appeared in "A Brown Thanksgiving" with his family, at the soup kitchen, for Thanksgiving.

Ernie's short stature is revealed in "Field of Streams" to have been caused by being weaned on root beer.

During a particularly rough winter at his house in "How Cleveland Got His Groove Back", his family was forced to live on nothing but skunk. To attract the skunks, Ernie's father covered him in skunk urine and then threw rocks at the skunks as they approached him.

He serves as the mascot for the baseball games at Stoolbend High School, having gotten the job in "Field of Streams", and works at Webster's Slaughterhouse in "The Curious Case of Jr. Working at the Stool.

Ernie appears at Perry's funeral and at the ceremony when Cleveland and Donna renew their wedding vows in "Here Comes the Bribe".

Ernie has osteoporosis in "The Hangover Part Tubbs".