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Seasons Guide

Season Episodes Originally aired DVD vol. DVD release date (R1) DVD cover
1 21 2009-2010 Vol 1 September 28, 2010 TCSDVD1Cover
2 22 2010-2011 Vol 2 September 27, 2011 TheClevelandShow S2 f2
3 22 2011-2012 Vol 3 March 1, 2013 Vol3
4 23 2012-2013 Vol 4 December 17, 2013 Cleveland Season 4 DVD

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Season 1: 2009-2010

Screenshot Title Original airdate Production code # Total Count
ClevelandPilot1 "Pilot" September 27, 2009 1APS01 1 1
Cleveland and Cleveland Jr. say goodbye to their friends and Quahog to relocate to Cleveland’s hometown in Stoolbend, VA. Cleveland reconnects with an old flame and finds love and a new family.
Cleveland DaDoggone 0050F "Da Doggone Daddy-Daughter Dinner Dance" October 4, 2009 1APS02 2 2
Cleveland tries to make inroads with his new stepdaughter Roberta by asking her to accompany him to the school’s father/daughter dance. The evening seems to be going smoothly until Cleveland has a mishap with the family pet and kills his chances of being accepted by his new kids.
Cleveland TheOneAboutFriends 0151F "The One About Friends" October 11, 2009 1APS04 3 3
Cleveland, afraid that Cleveland Jr. has no friends, invites his neighbor's son Ernie to the house; when Ernie becomes too attached to the family, Cleveland has trouble getting him to go back home.
Birth of a Salesman "Birth of a Salesman" October 18, 2009 1APS03 4 4
Cleveland needs a new job, Tim hooks him up at Waterman Cable. However, when Cleveland becomes the top salesman, Tim is green with envy and wishes for bad things to happen to Cleveland. But when Cleveland comes up on some bad luck and misfortune, Tim has a change of heart.
ClevelandCherryBomb1 "Cleveland Jr. Cherry Bomb" November 8, 2009 1APS08 5 5
Cleveland has "the talk" with Roberta, which scares Cleveland Jr. into taking a vow of chastity. Meanwhile, Rallo becomes a church greeter.
ClevLadiesNight2 "Ladies' Night" November 15, 2009 1APS07 6 6
Cleveland is upset when he finds out that Donna is still attending a single mothers' support group.
ClevelandBrownThanksgiving1 "A Brown Thanksgiving" November 22, 2009 1APS09 7 7
In a Thanksgiving episode Cleveland celebrates his first Thanksgiving with his new family and discovers a surprising secret about Donna's Auntie Momma.
ClevelandFromBedToWorse3 "From Bed to Worse" November 29, 2009 1APS05 8 8
A disgruntled Rallo does whatever it takes to keep Cleveland and Donna apart.
Cleveland ItsAWonderfulLie3 "A Cleveland Brown Christmas" December 13, 2009 1APS11 9 9
Cleveland tells Rallo the truth about his father and has to find him to save Rallo's Christmas spirit.
Field-of-streams-1 "Field of Streams" January 3, 2010 1APS06 10 10
After a nostalgic flashback to the glory days as his high school’s baseball all-star, Cleveland visits his alma mater to find out there’s no longer a team. Principal Wally gives Cleveland one week to raise money to re-build the stadium before the season begins. Cleveland then steps in as head coach and dusts off his retired jersey in an attempt to convince Cleveland Jr. to play ball instead of joining the math club.
Cleveland LoveRollercoaster 0059F "Love Rollercoaster" January 10, 2010 1APS10 11 11
When Roberta’s new teacher, Ms. Eck (guest voice Jane Lynch), encourages Roberta to alter her appearance, Cleveland Jr. befriends the disguised Roberta and falls in love with her.
Cleveland OurGang 0065F "Our Gang" January 31, 2010 1APS12 12 12
Coach Cleveland comes to the rescue of frustrated parents by taking a group of delinquent teens under his wing. With the help of Cleveland Jr., he creates a new club dubbed “The Crazy Eights,” and hopes that it will keep the kids on the straight and narrow. However, he is soon mixed up in bad business, and only the “Crazy Eights” can help him out
Cleveland BuriedPleasure 0088F "Buried Pleasure" February 14, 2010 1APS13 13 13
Holt admits to Cleveland that he wishes he had a special someone in his life. Determined to help his lonely friend, Cleveland introduces Holt to Jane (guest voice Fergie), a cat-loving redhead who ends up being more than a handful. Meanwhile, Cleveland Jr. and Rallo anticipate the “birth” of Rallo’s pet fish
ClevelandCuriousCase2 "The Curious Case of Jr. Working at the Stool" February 21, 2010 1APS14 14 14
Cleveland Jr. lands an interview with the editor of the local newspaper, but with his new found responsibility while working at The Stool, he starts making changes to the guys' hangout causing a father son feud. Meanwhile, Roberta and Rallo have a surprise for Lacey, Roberta's wealthy rival.
Cleveland OnceUponATyneInNY 0033F "Once Upon a Tyne in New York" March 21, 2010 1APS16 15 15
Cleveland and Donna road trip to the Big Apple for an overdue honeymoon, and to Donna's dismay, Cleveland allows the Stoolbend gang to tag along to help Coach McFall rekindle a long lost romance. Although, when Tim finds himself in a compromising situation and Lester's language gets him into trouble, Cleveland is forced to choose between his wife and his friends.
Cleveland BrownKnight 075TK1AF "The Brown Knight" March 28, 2010 1APS17 16 16
Cleveland and Donna are robbed at an ATM and Cleveland is the hero of the hour until Dan Rather and Tila Tequila discover the truth about Cleveland. Meanwhile, Rallo is shocked when he discovers Roberta's dirty little secret.
Cleveland GoneWithTheWind 0147F "Gone with the Wind" April 11, 2010 1APS18 17 17
Quagmire from Quahog brings news of Loretta's death, meanwhile Donna puts Cleveland on a high-fiber diet.
Cleveland BrotherlyLove 326TK2F "Brotherly Love" May 2, 2010 1APS20 18 18
Rallo gives Cleveland Jr. tips on how to woo the girl of his dreams; Cleveland challenges her boyfriend to a rap battle.
Cleveland BrownHistoryMonth 0033F "Brown History Month" May 9, 2010 1APS21 19 19
Cleveland and Cleveland Jr. teach Donna and the kids their tradition of celebrating Black History Month. However, when Rallo learns about his heritage at school, he provokes Cleveland into a battle royale with neighbor, Lester.
Angels logo "Cleveland's Angels" May 16, 2010 1APS19 20 20
After Cleveland gambles away Roberta's college fund, Kendra discovers that Cleveland was actually cheated out of his money and recruits Donna and Arianna for a "Cleveland's Angels" mission.
Cleveland YoureTheBestMan 0001BF "You're the Best Man, Cleveland Brown" May 23, 2010 1APS22 21 21
Much to his dismay, Cleveland finds out that Cleveland Jr. will inherit all of his ex-wife's belongings and that his parents, Cookie and Freight Train, plan to remarry. To add insult to injury, Freight Train dumps Cleveland as his best man in favor of Donna's ex-husband, Robert. In the end, though, Cleveland steps in to save the day in the season finale, which also features a special musical number by Earth, Wind & Fire.

Season 2: 2010-2011

Screenshot Title Original airdate Production code # Total Count
2aps06 696 STILL 0044 "Harder, Better, Faster, Browner" September 26, 2010 2APS06 1 22
Cleveland attempts to get Kenny West's rap career off the ground and President Barack Hussein Obama pays Stoolbend a visit.
2aps01 007B1 STILL 0056 "Cleveland Live!" October 3, 2010 2APS01 2 23
In an animation first, The Cleveland Show offers the audience a behind-the-scenes look at the “filming” of the episode. When Cleveland and Donna attempt to celebrate their anniversary, their unruly kids and disruptive friends, including Donna’s ex-husband, Robert, get in their way.
2aps05 653 still-0071 "How Cleveland Got His Groove Back" October 10, 2010 2APS05 3 24
Instead of continuing on their family-heritage trip to Africa, Cleveland and the family end up turning their layover into a tropical vacation.
2aps04 017 STILL 0194 "It's the Great Pancake, Junior Brown" November 7, 2010 2APS04 4 25
Cleveland crushes Cleveland Jr.’s spirit when he forbids him from trick-or-treating because he thinks he is too old. Junior reinvents himself as a “cool kid” and is invited to attend a Halloween party with Roberta. Meanwhile, Rallo goes against his mom's wishes and eats way more Halloween candy than his teeth can handle.
2aps03 335 STILL-0001 "Little Man on Campus" November 14, 2010 2APS03 5 26
Coach Cleveland gets greedy to win the high school baseball state championship game and turns to cheating when his star pitcher goes out for the season.
2aps02 634 STILL-0001 "Fat and Wet" November 21, 2010 2APS02 6 27
Cleveland Jr. and Kendra, ashamed of their appearance in a swimsuit, feel left out of the fun when the family spends an afternoon in the pool and petition to pass a bill to grant equal rights for those who are overweight. Disgruntled by their defeat in the polls, Junior and Kendra flee to Wisconsin, a land where they feel more free and accepted, and Cleveland and Lester vow to bring them back to where they belong.
2APS08 002 "Another Bad Thanksgiving" November 28, 2010 2APS08 7 28
The Brown family spends Thanksgiving in Las Vegas .
2aps09 682 STILL-0067 "Murray Christmas" December 5, 2010 2APS09 8 29
When Rallo’s teacher forces him to spend the weekend at a retirement home to get to know the senior citizens during the holidays, he meets Murray, who teaches him about Hanukkah. In an attempt to rekindle Murray’s holiday spirit, Rallo helps him escape, but when his new friend’s health begins to suffer, Rallo has to bring Murray back to the home. Meanwhile, Cleveland trains for a boxing match against his bully of a father, Freight Train, which ends with some bumps and bruises.
2APS07 062 "Beer Walk!" December 5, 2010 2APS07 9 30
Donna, frustrated by her husband’s laziness on the weekends, nags Cleveland to help her around the house and to do something more with his life. To prove to Donna he can be as charitable as her, Cleveland recruits his buddies from Quahog and Stoolbend to participate in the First Annual Charity Beer Walk. When Donna gets injured at the event, Cleveland has to take over the housework.
2aps10 361 STILL-0060F "Ain't Nothin' But Mutton Bustin'" January 9, 2011 2APS10 10 31
At Donna's suggestion, Cleveland and Rallo start spending more time together; Cleveland Jr. becomes jealous of Rallo and Cleveland's new relationship.
078TK2F "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Roberta?" January 16, 2011 2APS12 11 32
After Cleveland criticizes her parenting skills, Donna lets him deal with Roberta by himself; Cleveland lets Roberta throw a house party.
2aps11 306 STILL-0063F "Like a Boss" January 23, 2011 2APS11 12 33
Tim lets a promotion go to his head; Rallo uses a turtle to mess with Cleveland Jr.
707 "A Short Story and a Tall Tale" February 13, 2011 2APS14 13 34
Cleveland and Donna celebrate Valentine's Day with a trip to Los Angeles after scoring courtside seats to the all-star basketball game featuring Garnett, Howard, James, Nash, Nowitzki, O'Neal and Wade. Caught up in the excitement, Cleveland gets rowdy and talks smack to the players from the sideline throughout the game. The basketball champs, feeling hurt, seek revenge by paying a surprise visit to Stoolbend and putting Cleveland in his place.
2aps17 672 STILL-0087 "Terry Unmarried" February 20, 2011 2APS17 14 35
When Cleveland discovers he and his wife are not actually married, and his best friend Terry is gay and in a relationship, they all decide to go to Vermont for a double wedding; Cleveland Jr. tries to get Rallo to break a nasty habit.
2aps13 603 STILL-0187F "The Blue And The Gray And The Brown" March 6, 2011 2APS13 15 36
After Cleveland fights to save the town’s drive-in movie theater, his efforts to preserve the town’s history is noticed by the Stoolbend Preservation Society and he is invited to attend a private dinner party at the home of the great-great-grandson of the town’s founding father. While at the event, Cleveland learns of the town’s legacy and decides to take back his beloved town.
Cleveland CookieCrumbles 613 "The Way the Cookie Crumbles" March 13, 2011 2APS15 16 37
After Cleveland learns that his parents have been scammed out of their life savings, he plans to bring down the con man who targeted his mother.
696TK3 "To Live and Die in VA" March 20, 2011 2APS16 17 38
Lester and Kendra lose everything because of Cleveland.
2aps18 355 STILL-0233F "The Essence of Cleveland" April 3, 2011 2APS18 18 39
Cleveland is reunited with an old classmate "Fatty Patty", who is now skinny and beautiful and still has a crush on Cleveland.
Cleveland Shiprect 0077F "Ship'rect" April 10, 2011 1APS15 19 40
Cleveland and his friends decide to enter the Stoolbend Floaterboat Race, but Cleveland later ditches them for another team. Meanwhile, Rallo becomes too sick to go to school.
666TK2 "Back To Cool" April 17, 2011 2APS19 20 41
When Cleveland Jr. bonds with Donna’s ex-husband, Robert, Cleveland becomes jealous that Jr. thinks Robert is so much cooler than him. In order to prove how cool he is to his son, Cleveland challenges Robert to a “Coolympics” competition.
648TK2F "Your Show of Shows" May 8, 2011 2APS21 21 42
When Rallo and his pals Bernard and Theodore perform in the school talent show, their rap about fiscal responsibility is not well-received by their classmates. Meanwhile, after Cleveland gets his own cable-access television show, the reviews are less than positive so he takes some tips from the most successful daytime talk shows that appeal to women.
Hot Cocoa Bang Bang "Hot Cocoa Bang Bang" May 15, 2011 2APS20 22 43
Cleveland takes the entire family to a comic convention in an attempt to sell his comic book, “Waderman.” While there, Donna is horrified to find out that Robert Rodriguez is screening a Blaxploitation film that she starred in when she was younger, and Cleveland Jr., tired of Comic-Con being a playground for Hollywood to peddle their projects, gathers a band of geeks together to take the Con back to its true origins.

Season 3: 2011-2012

Screenshot Title Original airdate Production code # Total Count
3aps01 030 STILL-0020F "BFFs" September 25, 2011 3APS01 01 44
In an effort to bond with the guys, Cleveland takes them on a camping trip hosted by Ric Flair but Cleveland is upset when he finds out that his best friend Peter Griffin came to Stoolbend and did not call him to hang out.
064TK5 "The Hurricane" October 2, 2011 2APS20 02 45
When a hurricane hits Stoolbend, the Brown-Tubbs family tries to salvage what's left of their blown-away vacation. Meanwhile, Cleveland Jr. makes a surprising religious declaration.
623TK3F "Nightmare on Grace Street" October 30, 2011 3APS04 03 46
Donna makes Cleveland and Rallo spend the night in a haunted house. Meanwhile Cleveland's new friend goes on a murderous rampage and Roberta is stuck in a love triangle between a vampire and a werewolf.
3aps03 103 STILL-0023 "Skip Day" November 20, 2011 3APS03 04 47
Cleveland is embarrassed when he learns that Cleveland Jr. was the only student to attend school on “skip day.” Meanwhile, Rallo gets in a hit-and-run accident with Kendra and her scooter.
3aps02 026 STILL-0108 "Yemen Party" November 27, 2011 3APS02 05 48
When Donna joins a women's support group and starts to complain about how Cleveland treats her, Cleveland dresses up as a woman to infiltrate the group and show Donna how good her life really is. Meanwhile, Cleveland Jr. and Rallo join forces to stop the playground bully, Rodney.
011TK7 "Sex and the Biddy" December 4, 2011 3APS06 06 49
When Murray gets a girlfriend named Hazel, Rallo discovers she is after Murray's money and tries to save him from making a costly mistake. Donna signs Cleveland up for the gym but instead of working out, he takes a lazy short-cut to achieve results.
Cleveland show a p "Die Semi-Hard" December 11, 2011 3APS10 07 50
While staging their own live nativity scene, Cleveland tells his family his version of the greatest holiday-themed blockbuster movie ever told.
3aps11 383 STILL-0083F "Y Tu Junior Tambien" January 8, 2012 3APS11 08 51
When Junior starts dating a very attractive young lady, Cleveland gets green with envy and suspicious of her motives. When things start to get too serious between the two young lovers, Cleveland suspects that the young woman is using Junior to get a green card.
676TK2AF "There Goes El Neighborhood " January 29, 2012 3APS14 09 52
After getting himself into several cultural misunderstandings with his new and popular Latina neighbor, Cleveland attempts to make amends by demonstrating his knowledge of Latino culture. But Cleveland gets into a bind when he offers to babysit Chonie's son and winds up losing him. Meanwhile, Junior sets up his new wife Cecilia on a Valentine's Day date but his jealousy gets the best of him.
378TK2F "Dancing with the Stools" February 12, 2012 3APS05 10 53
Determined to claim the first place trophy at the annual "Dancing with the Stools" ballroom dance competition, Donna recruits Cleveland Jr. to be her partner. But their hopes of taking home the big prize miss a beat when Cleveland Jr. professes his love for Donna just moments before their well-rehearsed routine. Meanwhile, Roberta babysits Rallo for a week, and learns that domestic responsibilities are not as easy as they seem.
3aps13 626 STILL-0027 "Brown Magic" February 19, 2012 3APS13 11 54
Excited to spend quality father-stepson bonding time with Rallo, Cleveland takes Rallo to his very first magic show, where they get hired to be the opening act. Thanks to Rallo's sharp wit in the role of the puppet, Cleveland and Rallo's ventriloquist act becomes a hit. As their act gets rave reviews by fans and ventriloquist critic Graham Kensington, Rallo grows tired of Cleveland taking all the credit for their success. Not one to be taken for a dummy, Rallo proves that he is the heart of their comedic act.
711TK3F "'Til Deaf" March 4, 2012 3APS07 12 55
When Donna has a midlife crisis, Cleveland must come up with a clever way to sneak off with his buddies on a hunting trip without her finding out. But a hunting accident leaves Cleveland slightly deaf, and his scheme to agree to all of Donna's ideas backfires when she makes a drastic life change and decides to go back to school. Meanwhile, Junior is up for an easy reelection as Student Body President, until Roberta decides to run against him.
687F "Das Shrimp Boot" March 11, 2012 3APS15 13 56
Cleveland relies on energy supplements to keep himself awake in order to work overtime and earn enough vacation time to go on a Spring Break cruise with his family. But when his energy pill addiction forces him into rehab and his desperate attempt to escape to the cruise liner goes wrong, he finds himself held hostage by pirates threatening the safety of those aboard the ship, including his own family.
3aps16 754 STILL-0407 "March Dadness" March 18, 2012 3APS16 14 57
Cleveland plays golf against his dad and Cleveland Jr. in the two-man golf tournament.
3aps09 058 STILL-0320 "The Men in Me" March 25, 2012 3APS09 15 58
Cleveland is labeled "The Whitest Man in America" after he wins a dance competition for the chance to attend a pop sensation's concert. Unable to shake off his new reputation, Cleveland is determined to understand his roots and where he came from. Everything starts to make sense when he is reunited with his former nanny Barbara, a high class woman with a taste for refined culture. But even though Cleveland's nanny influenced many of his interests growing up, Cleveland finally learns that happiness comes from being comfortable in your own skin.
416TK2BF "Frapp Attack!" April 1, 2012 3APS12 16 59
After Donna becomes jealous when Cleveland gets too close to a female coworker, a music video made from footage of his workplace shenanigans goes viral and attracts the attention of a big-time music producer. He's attracted to Donna as well, making Cleveland jealous.
3aps18 014 STILL-0373 "American Prankster" April 15, 2012 3APS18 17 60
One of Rallo's pranks goes too far and gets Cleveland Jr. kicked out of the scouts. So Cleveland takes matters into his own hands, and threatens to send Rallo to juvenile detention.
358TK3F "B.M.O.C." April 29, 2012 3APS17 18 61
It's Homecoming Weekend at Cleveland's alma mater, so he volunteers to accompany Roberta on a college visit as an excuse to relive his crazy college days. But when Cleveland's fraternity chapter gives him a less-than-brotherly welcome, Roberta comes to the rescue and discovers a bright future in higher education. Meanwhile, Rallo helps Cleveland Jr. learn to sleep without his beloved stuffed animal.
354TK2F "Jesus Walks" April 29, 2012 3APS20 19 62
Devout church choir girl Vanessa catches Cleveland Jr.'s eye, and he eagerly volunteers to go on a church trip to be in her good graces. Vanessa's fellow choir member, Hunter, confronts him for going to church for the wrong reasons, but the tables turn when Vanessa winds up being a handful for the boys. Meanwhile, Donna's ex-boyfriend returns home from Iraq and discovers that she is married.
015TK5F "Flush of Genius" May 6, 2012 3APS19 20 63
Cleveland Jr. profiles his dad for a report on his favorite American while Rallo gets excited when he realizes he's grown tall enough to ride his favorite roller coaster.
701TK4F "Mama Drama" May 13, 2012 3APS21 21 64
Hoping to lift Donna’s spirits on Mother’s Day, Cleveland hires an actress to play Donna’s estranged mother, Dee Dee Tubbs. But when an unexpected event leads the real Dee Dee to find Cleveland, he stages one last effort to reunite Donna with her mother, and the unlikely meeting helps the two women forge a new mother-daughter bond.
3aps24 049 STILL-0101 "All You Can Eat" May 20, 2012 3APS24 22 65
Roberta gives Cleveland Jr. a makeover, and his stylish new look gives him the confidence to approach Daisy, a misfit who catches his attention. But when Daisy mistakes Cleveland Jr. for a woman, they decide to make a statement and go to the prom as a gay couple. Meanwhile, Cleveland’s authority as his favorite snack food’s ultimate expert is threatened by another fan.

Season 4: 2012-2013

Screenshot Title Original airdate Production code Season Episode # Total Episodes #
084TK2f "Escape From Goochland" October 7, 2012 4APS04 01 66
Cleveland and the gang visit their rival high school in Goochland for the annual football game, but when Federline destroys the car belonging to Cleveland’s arch-nemesis Chet Butler, they must find a way to escape their enemy’s home turf. Meanwhile, Donna dons a sexy Halloween costume that gets her in trouble with the cops, and Roberta and Cleveland Jr. play pranks around Stoolbend when they dress up as Donna and Cleveland.
Menace-II-secret-society-2 510 "Menace II Secret Society" November 4, 2012 3APS22 02 67
Cleveland becomes entangled with a rap Illuminati.
3aps08 683 STILL-0041 "A General Thanksgiving Episode" November 18, 2012 3APS08 03 68
When Holt misses his plane to Florida for Thanksgiving, he reveals that he wasn’t even invited to his estranged family’s holiday dinner. To help him get over his Thanksgiving blues, Rallo invites Holt’s father over for the holidays which ends up making Holt’s family relationship worse. Meanwhile, Cleveland tries to open an airport bar but ends up drunk and flying a stolen airplane.
4aps06 080 STILL-0022 "Turkey Pot Die" November 25, 2012 4APS06 04 69
Cleveland and Junior embark on an elaborate mission to free all of the turkeys before Thanksgiving while Rallo and Donna build a float for Stoolbend's Thanksgiving Day parade.
4aps02 602 STILL-0070 "A Vas Deferens Between Men & Women" December 2, 2012 4APS02 05 70
When Donna reveals that she wants another baby, Cleveland realizes that the vasectomy he has had must remain a secret from her. When Donna finds out that Cleveland has been lying to her, she pretends that's she's pregnant to get back at him. Meanwhile, Rallo lands the lead role in a community production of the musical, Annie.
4aps08 669 STILL-0133 "'Tis the Cleveland to be Sorry" December 16, 2012 4APS08 06 71
Cleveland discovers that the food served at the local homeless shelter is much better than it is at home, so he pretends to be homeless to benefit from the meals. But when the community catches onto his ill-spirited scheme, they confront him and he must apologize to everyone. Meanwhile, chauvinistic storeowner Harris Grundle hires Roberta as a Christmas elf, but requires all of Santa’s female helpers to don sexy costumes.
4aps03 366 STILL-0126r "Hustle 'N' Bros." January 13, 2013 4APS03 07 72
To pay off a debt, Rallo and Cleveland Jr. become "dog bounty hunters" tracking down lost pooches to return them to their owners for reward money. Meanwhile, Cleveland is furious when Donna's ex-husband, Robert, crashes Freight Train's birthday party and upstages Cleveland's gift for his dad.
4aps07 001A STILL-0039 "Wide World of Cleveland Show" January 27, 2013 4APS07 08 73
The Brown-Tubbs family travels the world in a hilarious series of internationally-themed segments. First, the Stoolbend-based clan is in Italy where Cleveland must choose between Rallo and Jr. as his family's successor in this mob-style parody. Then, in Mexico, Junior insists on having a Quinceanera, even though he's a boy. Next, in Japan, Cleveland builds a robot to attend Junior's eating competition when he can't be there himself.
4aps12 068 still-0007 "Here Comes the Bribe" February 10, 2013 4APS12 09 74
Donna drags Cleveland to marriage counseling after he botches their wedding vows renewal, but the counselor makes it clear that Cleveland can swing the "treatments" in his favor - for a price. Meanwhile, Junior's beloved refrigerator, "Perry," breaks, but Rallo finds a way to give it a second life as a hotel-style mini-bar.
4aps05 696 still-0100 "When a Man (or a Freight Train) Loves His Cookie" February 17, 2013 4APS05 10 75
When Cleveland's mom, Cookie, runs away with George Clinton and the P-Funk All-Stars, Freight Train and Cleveland go to find her. Meanwhile, Cleveland Jr. engages in an elaborate office fantasy during a visit to an office supply store.
4aps13 346 STILL-0097 "Brownsized" March 3, 2013 4APS13 11 76
Cleveland takes an offer from his boss, Mr. Waterman, to quit his job with six months of severance pay, but struggles to find a way to tell Donna. Meanwhile, Rallo finds a handsome and charming man for Roberta , after Federline forgets their anniversary, but Rallo is shocked to discover that the new guy is a strict disciplinarian when it comes to kids.
4aps09 023A STILL-0016 "Pins, Spins and Fins!" March 3, 2013 4APS09 12 77
Rallo thinks he's a stud bowler when he keeps scoring strikes by using the gutter rails. But when his prowess goes to his head, Donna reveals to him the hard truth: little kids mostly suck at everything. Meanwhile, Cleveland, Lester, Holt and Terry decide that their friendship has become too predictable, and attempt to spice things up by taking a road trip to an abandoned amusement park.
4aps11 319 STILL-0025 "A Rodent Like This" March 10, 2013 4APS11 13 78
When Donna discovers a rat loose in the house, she immediately moves herself and the kids in with her mother Dee Dee, leaving Cleveland home alone to hunt down the rodent. Cleveland takes advantage of having the house to himself and soon bonds with his new pet and best friend "Rat Lauer." Meanwhile Rallo and Jr. pretend they're spies, but things get out of hand when Junior won't reveal what's in his secret briefcase.
4aps14 303 STILL-0258 "The Hangover Part Tubbs" March 17, 2013 4APS14 14 79
When Donna runs for the school board, she tries to keep an embarrassing Cleveland out of her campaign. But her efforts blow up in her face when he "kills" a new friend playing The Hurt Locker game. Meanwhile, Junior discovers that he's an incredible diver, but is scared to death of putting on the school diving team's uniform - a tiny Speedo.
3aps23 331 STILL-0201 "California Dreamin'" March 17, 2013 3APS23 15 80
The Browns pack their bags and move to Los Angeles, where Cleveland pursues his life-long dream of becoming a major league baseball scout. Meanwhile, Donna and the kids become obsessed with the glitzy L.A. lifestyle, and Cleveland befriends a struggling actress who helps him realize that Hollywood isn't as glamorous as it seems.
4aps10 650 STILL-0037 "Who Done Did It?" April 7, 2013 4APS10 16 81
Cleveland defends Donna's honor after Arianna is rude to her, but when Cleveland is accused of a murder he didn't commit, Freight Train, Rallo and Cleveland Jr. try to exonerate him.
4aps15 322 STILL-0240 "Fist and the Furious" April 14, 2013 4APS15 17 82
Cleveland decides to make Dr. Fist "one of the guys," but stumbles upon the potentially life-threatening secret that he used to work for the mob. Meanwhile, Cleveland Jr. and Rallo open up a food truck at their school, but their moneymaking plans are thwarted when serious competition arrives.
416 sc303A "Squirt's Honor" April 21, 2013 4APS16 18 83
Donna demands that Rallo enlist in a Boy Scout-like organization, where he institutes a moneymaking scam. Later, Cleveland and Donna are raffle winners of a romantic hotel getaway, but get carried away charging "incidentals," which necessitates them having to work to pay off the extras on their bill.
4aps17 034 STILL-0527 "Grave Danger" April 28, 2013 4APS17 19 84
Cleveland and his friends discover the joys of hanging out at the beautiful and lush Stoolbend Cemetery. Meanwhile, Rallo heads to East Stoolbend to stay at Robert's apartment for the weekend. But when Robert abandons him for a trip to Baltimore, he's forced to make friends with the tough neighborhood kids.
4aps18 042 STILL-0036 "Of Lice and Men" May 5, 2013 4APS18 20 85
When Rallo must chop off his beloved afro after a lice outbreak at school and his classmates make fun of him, Junior takes him under his wing. Meanwhile, Freight Train and Cookie leave Cleveland to house-sit for the weekend, but things go awry when all his friends come over.
4aps01 316 STILL-0015 "Mr. and Mrs. Brown" May 12, 2013 4APS01 21 86
Donna puts her foot down when Cleveland and his mom, Cookie, are mistaken for husband and wife on a visit to a retirement community. Then, Rallo steals a candy bar from a park vendor, but tries to have Junior take the rap for the crime.
4aps19 094 STILL-0111 "Crazy Train" May 19, 2013 4APS19 22 87
Freight Train unexpectedly invites Cleveland to the upcoming Lowrider Convention. But Dr. Fist reveals that the elder Brown's surprising behavior may be the result of dementia. Rallo and Jr. discover a massive cherry picker at a construction site and decide to use it for good deeds around the neighborhood.
4aps20 041 STILL-0204 "Wheel! Of! Family!" May 19, 2013 4APS20 23 88
Cleveland and Donna need help when they become overwhelmed with the kids' schedules. Freight Train takes Junior to the local YMCA, where the athletically challenged teen discovers he's a pole-dancing savant.

Special Episodes

In June 2009, a sneak peek of The Cleveland Show was released on the internet. However, there were some notable differences between it and the pilot as aired.

Screenshot Title Original airdate
Pilot3a "Internet Leaked Pilot" June 2009
Similiar to actual Pilot episode except with a few jokes swapped/edited.