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Devon is the date that Roberta finds while grocery shopping at Ralphed in "Brownsized" after breaking up with Federline.

Distracted while texting in line at the grocery, Roberta starts to dismiss him when he asks if she brought reusable bags, telling him to just put one of each item in double plastic bags. But is smitten when she looks up at him. She pretends she left her canvas bags at home and Devon strips off his shirt for her to use, showing off his muscled chest. Devon also impresses Rallo with his strong African roots. Flirting, Roberta asks if he could carry her groceries out for her and he sweeps her off of her feet and carries her out in addition to the groceries.

But when Devon cuts Rallo off from watching Breaking Bad while he is over on a date, Rallo finds out that Devon is a strict disciplinarian when he sends him to bed. Things continue as Rallo gets stuck doing homework. Rallo enlists Junior's help in trying to get Federline back and finds he has given up his rap lifestyle as he feels he can't compete with Devon. Rallo and Junior help Federline regain his confidence. As Devon, Donna and Roberta watch Cleveland out on a ledge threatening to jump, Devon criticizes parents for letting their kids see such things and people littering to Donna and Roberta's annoyance. Federline returns and points out that Devon is boring, resulting in Roberta falling into his arms and French kissing him.

Devon is voiced by Kid Cudi.