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Daisy is a girl that becomes friends with Cleveland Brown Jr. at the Fluvanna Center after Junior receives a makeover from his sister Roberta in "All You Can Eat". When they get picked on, Junior steps up and defends Daisy, offering to take her to the prom. Daisy is amazed at Junior's offer and under the mistaken impression that Jr. is a girl, believes they will be a lesbian couple at the dance.

Roberta is momentarily surprised at the result of her makeover but admits she can see it but tells Jr. to see Daisy as just a person. On their date, Jr. starts tells her the truth but Daisy interprets his actions as remaining in the closet. Jr. brings Daisy home to pretend to come out of the closet and his family pretends to totally screw him over except for Rallo who redirects the feelings to love. But on their date night, Daisy refuses to go after her school threatens to cancel the prom to prevent a lesbian couple from dancing. Junior tries to put some spirit into Daisy but she just gives up, leaving Junior determined to continue the fight.

Junior enlists Roberta to pretend to be his lesbian date, passing on Ernie as she feels responsible for getting him into the mess. As they arrive, the principal threatens to shut down the dance. Junior comes clean about being a guy with his own sister. Daisy arrives and admires Junior for standing up but wants to leave. Roberta talks her into a dance together and she also invites Junior to join them.

Daisy is voiced by Rashida Jones.