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  • Roberta's middle name is given as Coretta. In "Your Show of Shows", Cleveland claims it is Benigni.
  • Cleveland appears in a Men's Warehouse commercial.
  • Among the places that Rallo makes Cleveland look for Meadowlark Lemon are the Stoolbend Sludgepond, The Chicken Gizzard Cannery and Nico's Greek Restaurant & Gym.
  • Cleveland's e-mail address is
  • When Roberta is watching Cleveland ghost riding with his car, the link shows http/
  • Unlike most of Seth MacFarlane's shows, the schools in this show are not named after celebrities, which was a well-known running gag throughout both Family Guy (e.g. James Woods Regional High School, Buddy Cianci, Jr. High School, Martin Mull Elementary, etc.) and American Dad! (e.g. Pearl Bailey High School). The high school is just named "Stoolbend High School".
  • The name of the episode is an alliteration.

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