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Cutaways Gags from Season 3

Screenshot Title Appears in Cutaway Owner References Season No.
Occupied Occupied BFFs Cleveland Brown 1 3
Cleveland calls for Mr. Flippers who is otherwise occupied at a music festival.
Unattended food Unattended food The Hurricane Cleveland Brown 1 3
Cleveland reminds Donna of the last time they left unattended food in the house.
Extravaghoulza The Cleveland Show Halloween ExtravaGHOULza Nightmare on Grace Street Donny 1 3
Donny segues into a break for The Cleveland Show Halloween ExtravaGHOULza.
Skipday84 Skip day flash back Skip Day Terry Kimple 1 3
Terry brings back skip day memories for Cleveland.
ButteFockers Butte Fockers Skip Day Cleveland 2 3
Cleveland warns Junior that he could end up lamer than Ben Stiller's career.
Disney The Wonderfully Racist World of Disney Skip Day The Jim Crows 3 3
The Jim Crows segue into a break for The Wonderfully Racist World of Disney.
Poetryreading Searching for Marco I There Goes El Neighborhood Cleveland 1 3
Cleveland and Choni search a poetry reading for her son Marco.
Ballet Searching for Marco II There Goes El Neighborhood Cleveland 2 3
Cleveland and Choni also search a Latino ballet.
Dancing91 "Dancing With the Stools" recap Dancing with the Stools Donna 1 3
Donna explains a string of losses in the "Dancing With the Stools" contest.
Juggaloos Day out with Robert Brown Magic Donna 1 3
Donna recalls a previous day out for Rallo and Robert.
Judasiscariot Betrayed Brown Magic Rallo 2 3
Rallo feels as betrayed as what Judas did to Jesus.
Ifiwasricher "Fuck You!" 'Til Deaf Wally Farquhare 1 3
Wally tells of his and The Fluffers new material.
Donnasplan Donna's plan 'Til Deaf Cleveland Brown Jr. 2 3
Junior explains what really happened while Cleveland pretended to be deaf.
Tearful Tearful goodbye 'Til Deaf Cleveland 3 3
Cleveland understands the reason for Donna's tearful reaction.
FlashForward Flash Forward Das Shrimp Boot Cleveland 1 3
Cleveland's life flashes before his eyes.
Escapeplan Escape plan Das Shrimp Boot Cleveland 2 3
Cleveland outlines the plan to leave the rehab center.
BlackRobinWilliams Black Robin Williams March Dadness LeVar Brown 1 3
LeVar compares Junior to a black Robin Williams.
DareSquared Dare Squared March Dadness LeVar Brown 2 3
LeVar reminds Cleveland of their appearance on Dare Squared.
Nannycam Nanny cam Frapp Attack! Cleveland Brown Jr. 1 3
Junior keeps a camera in a teddy bear to keep an eye on Larry the Leopard's nanny.
Boyscouts Boy Scouts American Prankster Wally Farquhare 1 3
Wally explains that the Boy Scouts are meeting at the Long John Silver's.
JohnEdwards John Edwards American Prankster Rallo 2 3
Rallo explains that he learned to give insincere apologies from John Edwards.
MrPibb Mr. Pibb American Prankster -- 1 3
While Jr. struggles to rescue Rallo, Roberta complains of being given a Mr. Pibb at the mall.
Garage Cleaning out the garage B.M.O.C. Cleveland 1 3
Cleveland promises Donna to clean out the garage.
BMOC Big Mustache on Campus B.M.O.C. Cleveland 2 3
Cleveland recalls his college glory days.
YoungDonna Donna's early years Mama Drama Donna 1 3
Donna recalls wondering about her mother.
Babybabybabybaby Dee Dee's story Mama Drama Dee Dee Tubbs 2 3
Dee Dee tells how she came to leave Donna.
Reinvent New hat All You Can Eat Roberta 1 3
Roberta explains how she reinvented herself.