Clevetron is the robot Cleveland builds with his friends from the karaoke machine at The Bloken Stoor to help him gain honor by being able to work an extra eight hours at his job at Watlesan Cabre while attending Cleveland Jr.'s eating competition at Stoolbend Karate School in the Japanese version of "Wide World of Cleveland Show". As he activates the robot, the robot tells him that in no uncertain terms that he will do "anything" he is asked.

As he sends Clevetron on to the school, he sneaks into the office dressed as a pile of shoes. But as he starts to work, he keeps glancing at a picture of him and his son together and decides to leave work to go to the school. At the school, Junior wins the competition and is pleased at first when he thinks its his dad there, but is disappointed when he realizes its a robot. When Clevetron tries to appeal to him, he is heckled by those in the school and goes on a rampage. As Clevetron is about to attack Junior and Principal Farquhare, Cleveland arrives and challenges it to a fight where he shuts it off and Cleveland bonds with his son.

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