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Chonie's Cantina

Choni's Cantina is a Mexican restaurant in Stoolbend.

In "Y Tu Junior Tambien", Cleveland becomes disappointed that his son Junior has failed to strike up any relationships. Out for a meal at Choni's Cantina, Cleveland spots a chubby waitress and encourages Junior to go speak to her and they hit it off. Later, Junior comes in announcing he is in love and Cecilia's family has invited them all to dinner which pleases Cleveland. At the restaurant, while waiting to meet Junior's date, Cleveland and the family is surprised to find Cecilia isn't the chubby server he saw but her smoking hot cousin. As the meal progresses, Cecilia and Junior continue to flirt to the family's disbelief. Cecilia's Aunt Choni invites everyone to a big party for the happy couple. At the party, things go smooth until immigration arrives with a warrant for Cecilia. Cecilia pulls Junior aside and tells him she has to leave but Junior insists on going with her, leaving his parents behind who wonder where he could be. When Cleveland and Donna arrive home, Lester reveals it was him who called immigration. But when they enter the house, they find Junior and Cecilia not only there but they had gotten married to prevent Cecilia's deportation. As Junior packs his things to move in with Cecilia, Cleveland tries to talk some sense into him by reminding him that he is only 14. Junior blames Lester's calling immigration on his father's big mouth and leaves. At Cecilia's apartment, Junior worries about his first night out, let alone with a girl. Cecilia comes out in an alluring nightie but when she finds Junior shivering in fright, realizes he is still just a 14 year old child and agrees to put on some sweat pants and just make a tray of brownies. The next day as Junior works at the restaurant, his parents arrive with a bouquet of balloons. Junior swallows his glee insisting that he is staying with Cecilia and Cleveland tells him that she asked them to take him home. Junior doesn't believe it until Cecilia confirms it and admits they are both too young. Cleveland pushes things by calling their marriage a sham and Choni intercedes, not happy that Cleveland isn't buying into Cecilia honestly being in love with Junior. Cecilia shows them a picture that proves Junior is the spitting image of her father. As Cecilia worries about them being separated permanently, Junior proposes they stay married to prevent her deportation and see about continuing the relationship at a later date.

In "There Goes El Neighborhood", Lupo, the dog chef, teaches Cleveland Jr. how to dance.