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Chet Butler is claimed by Cleveland as his greatest rival, having beaten him in the high school baseball championship game in 1984 by beaning him and knocking him out of the game. In "Little Man on Campus", Chet is now coach of the rival Mud Flats baseball team that Cleveland's Stoolbend High School Growlers have to face in the championship. When Cleveland's star pitcher is mauled by Sparky the mascot, Cleveland decides to disguise Holt as a transfer student until he has a change of heart. However, it is shown that Chet isn't above cheating either as his pitcher has a beard and family.

In "Escape From Goochland", when Cleveland finds out that its his turn to be the designated driver when he and the gang visit their rival high school in Goochland for the annual football game, he sets out to find an alternate driver and Federline signs up. To get even with her mother, Roberta plots to play a prank disguised as her mother and enlists Cleveland Jr. to come along dressed as his dad.

At the game, the guys get riled by Chet. During halftime, Goochland puts on a halftime show presenting Stoolbend in a negative light and the wooden wife of President Harrison said to be given to the town. After the game, Federline accidentally backs the guys' car into another that belonging onto Chet Butler, forcing the guys to flee for their lives, blending in by donning Halloween costumes until Federline nearly gives away the game.

As the guys find safety in the woods, Cleveland berates Federline for his attitude, pointing out he isn't the gangster he thinks he is. Federline takes off. After the guys hop a train to Stoolbend, Federline catches up having stolen the wooden statue of Eunice. Hot on his heels is a mob from Goochland led by Chet which proceeds to tear apart Stoolbend. Taking shelter at The Broken Stool, Cleveland decides to use Stoolbend's deficiencies to their advantage. Leading a group to face off with the mob, a rolling blackout leaves the Goochland group in the dark while those from Stoolbend reveal themselves to have developed mole eyes in the dark. As Cleveland notes that the Goochland people are taken off to be eaten, Donna is freed when the police wagon is overturned. Chet pursues Cleveland to the river but is confused when he mistakes Jr. for Cleveland. Cleveland ignites the river, burning the bridge but Chet makes it to the other side and holds a knife at Jr. throat. As Chet laughs at Cleveland's apparently failed ploy to burn him, Cleveland note he only set the river on fire to catch the attention of a giant monster which proceeds to devour Chet.

In this appearance Chet is voiced by Rob Riggle.