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Cleveland plays matchmaker

Buried Pleasure
Cleveland sets Holt up on a date.

Season: 1 Episode: 13
Total Episode Count: 13
Prod. no.: 1APS13
First Aired: February 14, 2010

Guest Starring: Stacy Ferguson, Ray Simpson
Featuring: Cleveland, Holt, Jane, Cleveland Jr., Rallo
Also Appearing: Donna, Roberta, Tim, Arianna, Lester, Kendra, Terry, Mr. Waterman, Florence, Raymond, Ernie, Mrs. Richter, Gordy, Angus, Mandy, Hadassah Lowenstein, Pastor, Officer Greeley, Shavonne, Walt, Julius, Kimi, Rockwell, Garrison Keillor, Village People
Director: Ian Graham
Assistant Director: Phil Allora
Writers: Julius Sharpe
Storyboarders: Steve Ahn, Kevin Pawlak


Plot: At Stoolfest, a local community festival, Cleveland calls Holt to tell him of a concert. He finds Holt out shopping with his mother and unable to go. Later that night at The Broken Stool, the guys tell Holt he is too accommodating to his mother's wishes. When Donna sees Holt in a rage from their bedroom, she shows Cleveland and when they see Holt rolling up a figure in a carpet and take it away they assume Holt killed his mother. Cleveland helps the police set up a police sting operation and get Holt to show them where he buried the body...a sex doll that Holt decided he needed to get away from. Holt admits to Cleveland he hasn't had luck with real women and they set Holt up with Jane, a girl from the Waterman Cable office. When Holt shows up battered with a black eye, the guys find out that Jane is abusive. When they confront her, they are in turn beaten because they find them selves unable to hit a female. When Donna finds out what Jane did to Cleveland Jane finds she has no such compulsion. Jane gets an advantage in the fight until Arianna and Kendra join in and Jane departs. Holt appears ready to give up on love until Lester reveals he purchased Holt's sex doll at auction and gives it back to him for only $17, despite Holt buying it for $7,000.

While at Stoolfest, Rallo wins a pet goldfish but accidentally leaves it within Cleveland Jr.'s reach where he swallows it while thirsty. Under the impression that the fish can be 'born' from Jr., Rallo treats Cleveland Jr. like an expectant mother. However, they soon find out what the human digestive system can do to a live fish and flush the remains.

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