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[Donna is reading an Entertainment Weekly magazine, while Cleveland is texting]
Cleveland: [laughs] Me and Lester are texting each other, Donna. Can you imagine him lying in bed next to Kimber. They look like the number 10. [laughs, sighs and gets depressed] I feel bad for Lester.
Rallo: Hey, guys. I got a magic trick for you.
Cleveland: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Get out of here, Rallo! How do you know we weren't doing something prizy.
Rallo: 'Cause I don't hear "Celebration" by Kool and the Gang. Now think of a number then write it down, and only use this pen and press really hard and then rip it off and don't let me see it. [Cleveland writes down a number, rips the paper off and tries not to let Rallo see it. Rallo then writes a number] Okay, what's your number? 10?
Cleveland: Yeah. Poor Lester. You trick, Rallo. Run along to bed.
Rallo: Hold on, now. You haven't seen the incredible floating cigarette. [he has a cigarette hanging from a string and tied to his finger]
Donna: Rallo, where did you get that cigarette?
Rallo: Tobacco Company. Reppler's handing them out at the playground.
Cleveland: [to Donna] Smart. Now go back to bed.
Rallo: One more, one more. [hands out cards] Pick a card, any card.
[Cleveland picks out a card]
Cleveland: Jack of plubs. Now go away.
Rallo: Aw, man. [leaves and closes the door]
Donna: What are you so hard on that boy?
Cleveland: Step-boy.

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