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Donna: [Roberta and Rallo are watching TV, Donna and Cleveland Jr. come with laundry] Roberta, Rallo. Cleveland Junior folded the laundry and I think you should put it away.
Roberta: Put away my laundry?! It's not my job to pick up after myself. I'm not my mother.
Donna: [Turns the TV off and takes the remote] You'll get this back, when you're done with the laundry.
Rallo: Oh man! Now what I'm supposed to...[Notices a book] Oh! There's a book. [Throws the book to turn on the TV. Rallo looks to the screen] Don't laugh, America. Don't laugh.

Cleveland Jr.: No put under the corners just like mommy did it.
Rallo: Fuck, dude.

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