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Donna: Tim! I thought I told you and your buddies to stay the hell away from my house!
Tim: Uh, yeah, yeah, you did and, uh, then this morning I remembered something. Um, I'm a bear. I can kill you. Maul you, rip your face off and eat you, and I won't even go to jail, you know, cos... cos... cos I'm a bear. I think, uh, you know, in the heat of the moment I kind of forgot that... But, uh, yeah, I'm a bear. I can kill you. So, uh, tell Cleveland the truth, cos if you don't [roars like a bear and laughs] ok, ok, byesies!

[Cleveland and all of his friends from Stoolbend and Quahog mutter trying to understand what Joe said as Quagmire makes himself heard]
Quagmire: Cleveland, can I do your wife?

Peter Griffin: Bye, dicks!

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