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Be-Cleve In Yourself
2aps06 642 STILL 0044
From the episode: Harder, Better, Faster, Browner
Singers: Kenny West, Cleveland Brown, Brandi
Voices: Kanye West, Mike Henry, Keke Palmer

"Be-Cleve In Yourself" is a song written by Cleveland Brown for Kenny West when Kenny needs help getting his rap career started in "Harder, Better, Faster, Browner". They perform it live in Goochland when a young girl named Brandi falls down a well and it becomes a hit.

But after Kenny lets stardom go to his head and dumps Cleveland, Cleveland later finds out in "Menace II Secret Society" that the song garnered a Grammy and demands one of the trophies the song won.



Kenny West: I know what it's like to feel down little girl.

I hope someone lifts you up like the big guy who lifted me up.

(From the audience): Praise the Lord!

Kenny West: No. I'm talking about the big guy right here, Cleveland Brown.

(From the audience): Oh

Kenny West: Not long ago I was lower than Lohan

No plan, a lost man

Raising my little girl in a Cadillac Brougham

My quest? Success. But my life was a mess

Poor Kenny West, no zest, anti-depressed

Not dressed to impress

Matter of fact, more stressed

Than John Mayer waiting on his AIDS test

Then I met a man who taught me how to live large

Took me out of my car

Now I'm in his garage

Turns out all I needed was some inspiration

Like Mr. Miyagi but a lot less Asian

My game was timid

Now my flow much bolder

Got a chubby brown angel on my shoulder saying:

Brandi: You know, it don't matter what you do

Cause I'll always be there for you

Kenny West: Be-Cleve in yourself

Cleveland: Grow a mustache

Kenny West: Be-Cleve in yourself

Cleveland: Love your wife's ass (uncensored version: Slap your wife's ass)

Kenny West: Be-Cleve in yourself

Cleveland: Never smoke grass

Kenny West: Be-Cleve in yourself

Cleveland: Freely pass gas

Together: Be-Cleve in yourself Goochland

Good night!