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Bank Your Cash Up
From the episode: Your Show of Shows
Singers: Rallo, Theodore, Bernard
Voices: Mike Henry, T-Pain,

Bank Your Cash Up is a song about fiscal responsibility that Murray writes for Rallo, Theodore and Bernard for their kindergarten performance show in "Your Show of Shows". The song earns them the complete disdain of their classmates.


Rallo: Now I'm going to tell you how it is

Us kids today, I tell you we seem to think money grows on trees

But it doesn't

It grows out of hard work and sound investments

We're about to drop some knowledge on ya'll

Dollars, green, skriller, beans

Theodore: Paper, "G"s, Susan B's

Bernard: Interest rates too good to pass up

Rallo: Don't be a putz, gotta bank that cash up

Kids these days take their dough and show it

Don't know how to grow it

All: Get allowance and blow it

Bernard: Rims for my big wheel

Theodore: Custom Kicks

Rallo: You know I wanna have a pension when I'm sixty-six

Bernard: I want a kiddie pool full of shorties

Theodore: Juice boxes on ice

Rallo: Not when I'm saving to attend Brandeis

Don't need an X-Box, put it all in tech stocks

Now I've got fresh bucks popping up like chicken pox

Bernard: Cheddar, Bones, grizzell, scones

Bernard and Rallo: Paper, ducats, filling' buckets

Theodore: Look here, steer clear of financial smash up

Rallo: Don't be a yutz

All: Just bank that cash up

Bernard: Bank your cash up

Rallo: If you're advertising saving I could be your pitchman

Bernard: Bank your cash up

Rallo: Stash my skrill away someday I'll be a rich man

All: Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba dum

Bernard: Roth IRA

Theodore: 401K

Rallo: Finances fatter than Gabourey Sidibe

Bernard: FDIC

Theodore: Long-term CDs

Bernard: Visit the museum on a day that is free

Rallo: First Friday of the month ya'll

Bernard: It's Bernard

Theodore: Theodore

Rallo: And Rallo T.

All: Spitting fiscal responsibility

Rallo: Word in savings bonds

Bernard: Hoes