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Tim: Ow! My eye!

[Cleveland sits in couch, reading newspaper]
Cleveland: Ese no bueno
[Rallo jumps on couch and takes the newspaper from Cleveland and throws it at Roberta]
Roberta: A homeless blanket touched me!
[Rallo grabs remote from Roberta]
Rallo: Yeah. Toddlers and Tiaras. Five-year-old anorexics forced to get spray tans.
Roberta: Hey! I was watching whatever that was.
[Both Roberta and Rallo fight their way up stairs as the doorbell rings]
Cleveland: [Annoyed] I hope that's a child murderer.
[Cleveland opens up door, finds to be Robert]
Cleveland: Close enough.

[Roberta, Robert, Jr., Rallo walk into the Skate Park, Dogs bark]
Robert: Now, all the dogs are blindfolded, so it's a fair fight. But if they start wilding out, we're going to have to scram right quick.
[Robert looks towards Jr.]
Robert: Junior, they'll come after you first, 'cause of they'll smell your salty meat sweat. But you big, you can handle them.
Junior: That genie was right, salty meat sweat was a bad wish.

Donna: No Rallo!
Cleveland: No Junior!
Donna: No Roberta!
Cleveland: No clean towels!
Donna: They're in the dryer!
Cleveland: Who's going to watch them now that Junior is gone?!

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