The Cleveland Show Wiki
[Cleveland returns to Quahog and rings the Griffins' doorbell. Brian is heard barking]
Stewie: [from inside the house] Hey, get back! Get back! Go to your crate! Brian, go to your crate!
Brian: [from inside the house] I don't have a crate, I've never had a crate.
Stewie: You should. You'd feel safer there.
[Cleveland rings the doorbell again]
Brian: Who is it, Stewie?
[The curtain is the window is pulled back a little]
Stewie: Some black guy.
Brian: Uh, we don't want any candy bars.
Stewie: Or magazines.
Cleveland: Brian, it's Cleveland.
Brian: Oh. Hi, Cleveland.
Stewie: Has he been cancelled already? He doesn't just get to come back!
Cleveland: Is Peter home?
Brian: [whispering to Peter] It's Cleveland!...[out loud, to Cleveland] ...not.
Cleveland: Did he say when he'd be back?
Brian: No....uh...vember.

[Peter is seen sneaking into his car and tries to get away from Cleveland]
Cleveland: Peter!
[Peter runs into his car and tries to get his key]
Peter: Come on, come on!
Cleveland: Peter, it's Cleveland! Hello! Peter, I'm standin' right here!
Peter: [mouthing silently] Fuck. [gets out of the car and says out loud] Oh, hey, Cleveland, I didn't see you there.

Tim: So, uh, Lester, wha...uh...what the...what can we expect from this?
Lester: [in the same intonation as "I don't know"] Mmmm. I'm not usually on the Ned Beatty side of this situation. Best I can guess is...ouchie in the boom boom.

Peter: Leggo my negro.

Peter: See, Cleveland, that's the difference between our shows. On our show, we would have shown the rape, and had a show tune about the rape.
Cleveland: And I would have just been the black guy.