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  • Donna is shown to be a bit neglectful of her children when Rallo is actually happy to finally get a bath, noting that he is "itchy."
  • The phone waiting tune heard in the episode is "Surfin' Bird" sung by Peter. The song is a running gag in Family Guy.
  • Normally, BFFs stands for "Best Friends Forever," but in this case, in referring to Cleveland and Peter, it stands for "Black and Fat Friends".
  • Aside from the appearances of Peter, Loretta, Quagmire, and the (Evil) Monkey, Holt and Gus mention Meg, Cleveland and Peter mention Bruce, and Brian and Stewie are heard inside the Griffin home when Cleveland drives to Quahog. They even wonder whether Cleveland's show has been cancelled, declaring he can't return to Family Guy so soon. The second Family Guy cancellation came after season three.
  • Loretta and Quagmire can be seen making out in the background of Cleveland's photograph.
  • When Holt, Lester, Tim and Gus tell Cleveland that Peter was in town; they mentioned that Peter came to pick up his daughter after she got left behind at the beer walk last year.
  • Cleveland doesn't know who "Francine Smith" is.
  • The montage shown during the scene where Cleveland drives to Quahog includes scenes from "Brian the Bachelor" (Peter taking Cleveland's clothes off), "The Tan Aquatic with Steve Zissou" (Peter dropping Cleveland's pants), and "Bill and Peter's Bogus Journey" (Peter looks as a heavy barbel drops on Cleveland). The music is "No Easy Way Out" by Robert Tepper from the film Rocky IV.
  • The music heard at Rallo's daycare reunion is the "Linus and Lucy" parody heard in the Family Guy episodes "Mother Tucker" and "Love Blactually".
  • When Cleveland remarks on Tim's UGG boots, Tim makes a subtle pun of "buy boots" and "bi(sexual)-boots", a comment on the strong dislike by some people of the fashion.[1]
  • Rallo makes a not-so-subtle pun of wagering that Wally has seen a "cockatiel", phrased as "cock-or-two."
  • Peter traces his neglect of Cleveland to abandonment issues with his father, although it isn't clear if he is referring to his absent father Mickey McFinnigan or his estranged late step-father Francis Griffin.
  • Cleveland mentions that he's an Aries, which places his birthday between March 21-April 19.