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Cleveland Jr.: Well, Larry. Thanks for running live with me. But I blew the audition. [takes his books out of his backpack] You think people never seen a naked fourteen-year... [Larry is gone] Larry? Larry? [opens the closet] Larry? [looks under the bed, under the couch cushion and under the kitchen sink. goes up into the attic] Where are you, Larry? [Cleveland is working on a clock ticking] [looks into the air vents with a flashlight, stands on a branch of the tree and grabs onto the one above it. he walks into the laundry room] Larry, where are you? [looks into the chute as the timer buzzes] Please no. [walks to the dryer and up the steps] Please no.

[Donna reads a magazine called "Wating For Your Husband"]
Cleveland: Donna, I'm taking Roberta on that college tour.
Donna: You better than I? [laughs]
Cleveland: I mean it. Look, Roberta doesn't want to go to college because you're making it sound like it's full of nerds. And when I went the college, we hated nerds. Even made them start their own for ternity. Now I'm not gonna lie.

[Cleveland Jr. is putting toothpaste on Larry, brushes him with a toothbrush and puts peanut butter on him]
Rallo: Junior, what are you doing bumping around? It's – "this o'clock". [makes a clock imitation as it's almost 4:00]
Cleveland Jr.: I can't sleep because Larry doesn't smell right. He smells like Snuggles, the gay fabric softener bear.
Snuggles: Just 'cause I's clean don't mean I don't like it dirty. Hmfp! [walks away]
Rallo: A'ight, Snuggles.

Cleveland: How much you make a year, fake cop?
Officer: $65,000.
Cleveland: [deep] Really?

Cleveland: Do you still serve grilled cheeses here?
Worker: No...the campus banned trans fats.
Cleveland: [deep] Really?

Donna: So, does this mean you might wanna go to State?
Roberta: State?! That Podunk school? Where I'm goin' is gonna cost way more than that.
Cleveland/Donna: [deep] Really?