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Anny the Musical
From the episode: A Vas Deferens Between Men & Women
Singers: Rallo, Roberta, Kendra, Reggie, Federline Jones, chorus
Voices: Mike Henry, Reagan Gomez, Clarence Livingston, Aseem Batra, Jamie Kennedy, chorus

"Anny the Musical" is a "knock off" version of Annie that still sounds familiar but has been changed significantly enough to escape having to pay licensing fees in "A Vas Deferens Between Men & Women" after Rallo's demands bankrupt the Stoolbend Community Theater.


Orphans: Its a bad luck world for we

Its a bad luck world, says me

Rallo: No one tucks you in to bed

When your mom and dad are dead

All: Its a bad luck world!

[Foreboding music is heard as Kendra rides in on her scooter and shakes a bottle at the orphans]

Kendra: You rotten orphanage residents

Orphan: We love you, Miss Shenanigans.

[Scene cuts to mansion interior]

Rallo: Crawling chameleons Papa Starbucks! Can I really move into your big, old mansion with you?

Reggie: Damn skippy, Anny with a "Y." And I promise I won't try anything nasty.


Rallo: Tomorrow will be...

So sunny

Bet a bunch of money that its sunny

On that day...

[Roberta enters in a dog costume]

Roberta: Ruff! We're under attack! The Martians have landed

Orphan: And they've got "space AIDs."

Rallo: Looks like we have no choice.

[A button labeled "nukes" rises from the floor]

I'm finally going to meet you mom and dad...IN HELL!

[Rallo pushes the button and the lights flash, a mushroom cloud backdrop lowers with a crash]

All: Tomorrow, tomorrow

There is no tomorrow

The world just got blown awayyy!