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Rallo: You've been "Ralloed. And that's now my thing.
Cleveland: Wha.. Haha, yes. The joke's on me, and my.. warm, wet trousers. [checks the can of nuts] Aww, the snake ate all the nuts!

Cleveland Jr.: [showing a presentation on PowerPoint during the scout tour meeting] Just look at that mass expand of virgin territory. The dense bushy thicket. And if you look close enough, you can see... my penis and testicles! [sees the picture Rallo took of him coming out of the shower] MY PENIS & TESTICLES!!??
Wally: Boner alert! That boner, or mistake, was me allowing you to make this presentation. It's over.

[Rallo watches a video of juvie with Jaden Smith, who walks up to two cells with boys inside them.]
Boy#1: Who the fuck are you looking at?
Boy#2: [holds up his arm with Justin Bieber tattooed on it] I'm getting Justin Bieber!

[Cleveland Jr. is in the shower, singing to the tune of Elvis' "In The Ghetto". Rallo enters]
Rallo: [chuckles cruelly] Damn fat showering Elvis. Takes my dessert, thinks he's so cool. Well, he's about to get hot!
Cleveland Jr.: Thank you. Thank you very much.
[Rallo flushes the toilet, terrifying Jr. He comes out of the shower and Rallo takes a photograph of him on his phone]
Rallo: Ralloed!
Cleveland Jr.: I knew I shouldn't have been washing so long! Now I've gone blind!

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