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  • The Wilhelm Scream is heard when the scuba diver falls. He is later seen impaled on a tree outside the Stoolbend County Courthouse.
  • The song that plays during the merit badge/prank montage is "Original Prankster" by The Offspring.
  • Several national restaurant chains are mentioned in this episode including Long John Silver's, Arby's and Wetzel's Pretzels.
  • The Boy Scouts bus driver is later seen in the Juvenile Hall video.
  • Due to Rallo's punishment, Donna takes away his Wii, the Internet, Angry Birds, Android, Kindle, Zune, TiVo, Roku, mePad, Linkster, Tickle Me Elmo and Texas hold 'em for 7 people.
  • The Character on Rallo's game is Popo from "Ice Climber". Not to mention that Popo looks very obviously similar to his "Super Smash Brothers" design (Yet, they made jacket tan instead of blue to avoid copyright).

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