The Agoura Hills Campground is where Tim forces everyone at Waterman Cable to go on a work retreat to build team spirit during the Superbowl weekend in "Like a Boss".

After getting a promotion at work, Tim who quickly proves to be a taskmaster. To try to snuff out the flames of revolt, Tim fires Chad who discussed shooting up the office while demanding everyone else go on a work retreat which takes place during the Superbowl weekend. Nervous that Cleveland will show him up, Tim insists on them being partners during a scavenger hunt. When Cleveland refuses to help out, Tim panics when he finds that neither of them have a map to get back. It tuns out that Tim is actually afraid of the woods which is why he lives in the city. Cleveland and Tim confront each other over their issues. They find out that it was their wives who both put them up to becoming supervisor in an attempt at a power play and decide to work together to get out of the woods. Just then, Chad arrives to shoot Tim in revenge for being fired. Cleveland manages to get Tim airlifted to a hospital and recovers in time for the Superbowl party. The epilogue reveals that Chad was acquitted for shooting Tim because he had a hunting license.

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