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Cleveland: Guys, Donna and I are making a baby.
Holt: No you're not.
Cleveland: What?
Holt: You got a vasectomy.
Cleveland: No I didn't!
Lester: Yeah you did, six months ago. We all got drunk and played Truth or Dare. Holt got a tramp stamp, you got a vasectomy, and Tim tried meth.
Tim: One time, one time. [all teeth fall onto table] Okay, two.
Cleveland: A vasectomy?! So that's why my boys hurt for three weeks. I thought a spider had laid eggs in there.

Donna: Cleveland, I wanna have another baby.
Cleveland: [jumps novelty pen] Uh...wha!?
Donna: I wanna have another baby!
Cleveland: Donna, we just got rid of a baby. Let's enjoy our twilight years in peace. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to write a letter, longhand, in the bathroom. [shuts door] Peen, pen. Pen, peen.
Donna: [Lays back against the pillow] Donna wants a baby, Donna's gonna get a baby.

Cleveland: The mobile is awesome. I will hang it in my car. We are not having a baby.

[Cleveland opens the door to see Junior lying in a Moses basket dressed as a baby]
Junior: Goo goo, ga ga. I'm a baby. I messed myself.
Cleveland: Donna, it's not working!

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