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  • Donna read Women Scheming Magazine in bed. The feature story is "Sweet Rocks from Dumb Jocks".
  • The tune that plays with the mobile is "Take Me Out to the Ball Game".
  • Roberta uses the stage name of "Roberta De Niro."
  • Cleveland blows off Casablanca noting that he never heard of it, Philadelphia because he declares the city to be terrible, and Chinatown believing it to have subtitles for Look Who's Talking, hoping it is similar to the sequel Look Who's Talking 2.
  • Donna claims to have been pregnant five times, resulting in three children.
  • Rallo uses the nicknames of "Ro Ro" and "JJ" for Roberta and Junior, respectively.
  • Donna had previously claimed to have had her tubes tied in "Nightmare on Grace Street".
  • Donna mentions contributing her upper body strength to a possible offspring with Cleveland. Dee Dee Tubbs had previously mentioned that upper body strength runs in the family in "Mama Drama".

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