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A Moment Like This
From the episode: Squirt's Honor
Singers: Rallo, Blades, Puffs & Plurals
Voices: Mike Henry, Kevin Michael Richardson

"A Moment Like this" is sung by Rallo, leading an orchestra of trouble youth who were selling candy bars as part of a scam in "Squirt's Honor". After Cleveland Brown Jr. looses faith after being scammed, Roberta sets Rallo straight and he makes the rest of the kids join into a real orchestra to surprise Junior. As he sings, Rallo desperately tries to give the youth performance instructions.


Rallo: What if I told you it was all meant to be

Ok, less trombone

Would you believe me, would you agree

Strings lay back, all the way back

It's almost the feeling...

Alright, skip to the chorus

A moment like this

Ah screw this

Some people wait...

Alright, troubled youth...

Plurals: For moments these

Puffs: Some people...[uses inhaler]...One special kiss

Blades: I can't believe its happening to me