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  • This episode was originally titled "It's a Wonderful Lie".
  • During the 2009 Holiday season this episode was aired, a separate recording of Cleveland singing "Get Your Hump on This Christmas" with the group Earth, Wind & Fire was released on iTunes.
  • Similar to the "Road to..." episodes of Family Guy, the opening sequence is different.
  • One of the model trains that runs over the Santa doll is modeled after the 1938 New York Central 20th Century Limited although the colors have been changed. Its distinctive, crested streamlined nose was designed by Henry Dryfuss.
  • Not counting all of Cleveland and Cleveland Jr.'s appearances, this is the third episode to crossover with Family Guy. Meg Griffin made an appearance in the intro and Herbert appeared in a cutaway gag.
  • In this episode, part of Robert hiding out from Donna involves avoiding her being able to garnish his wages. In "Back To Cool", he gets alimony from Donna in the amount of $800. This was the only way he would let the divorce be final.
  • A 'fluffer' in the adult film industry is a back-up actor used to keep a star in a state of 'readiness'. The Fluffers act as back-up singers for Principal Wally.
  • Cleveland says after Rallo and Donna kick him "What is it with your family and kicking?" commenting of their kicking prowess.

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