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  • This is the first episode that Holt does not appear in.
  • A 'blumpkin' is a sexual act involving giving fellatio while defecating.
  • This is the second of four episodes in the first season that has a cold open before the theme song. The first being the "Pilot", "Brown History Month" and "You're the Best Man, Cleveland Brown".
  • When LeVar Brown is talking to Rallo, he says he should have had another child instead of trying to perfect Cleveland. However, it is shown that Cleveland had a brother named Broderick. LeVar repeats this in "You're the Best Man, Cleveland Brown". LeVar has a thought of dozens of possible children from various women although it may be possible that Brodrick is Cleveland's half-brother.
  • When Rallo plays football with the family, he is dressed like a Dallas Cowboy. He also jumps over Cleveland in a Mario-type style leap.
  • Tim refers Federline as the 'Friedman boy'. His name is later confirmed to be 'Gabriel Friedman' in "Brotherly Love".

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