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A Brown Thanksgiving
Cleveland celebrates Thanksgiving with his new family.

Season: 1 Episode: 7
Total Episode Count: 7
Prod. no.: 1APS09
First Aired: November 22, 2009

Guest Starring: Craig Robinson, Daryl Hall, John Oates, Kym Whitley, Frances Callier
Featuring: Cleveland, Donna, Cleveland Jr., Roberta, Rallo, Auntie Momma, LeVar Brown, Evelyn Brown, Federline Jones
Also Appearing: Tim, Arianna, Raymond, Lester, Kendra, Ernie, Filthy Nick, Daryl Hall Angel, John Oates Devil, Wayland Flowers and Madame, Crystal Gayle, Tony Dorsett, Clint Eastwood
Musical Numbers: Maneater

Director: Chuck Klein, Matt Engstrom
Assistant Director: Chuck Austen
Writers: Matt Murray
Storyboarders: Lenord Robinson, Miyuki Hoshikawa

Plot: Cleveland celebrates his first Thanksgiving with his new family. His parents, Evelyn Brown and Levar 'Freight Train' Brown arrive for Thanksgiving. Cleveland's dismal relationship with his father nearly lands him in a fight with his own father, until Donna's Auntie Momma shows up. She starts making comments on how outrageous she is after farting. Freight Train gains an infatuation over Auntie Momma and decides to have sex with her after a game of football. However, when Cleveland was taking out the garbage, he saw Auntie Momma in the bathroom, with a penis. Despite that Freight Train had sex with Auntie Momma (who secretly is a man), he didn't even know about it. While they show constant sexual innuendo at the dinner table, Cleveland vomits repeatedly. When Cleveland decides to confront Auntie Momma in private, she admits that she is a man.


When she leaves, Cleveland decides to have a discussion with his father. When he discovers that he had sex with a man, he starts to vomit similar to Cleveland. Cleveland persuades Freight Train to stop bickering with his wife and treat her like one.

Meanwhile, Roberta and Federline decide to have a thanksgiving of their own. While Donna is skeptical of the idea, Auntie Momma convinces her into allowing Roberta to have Thanksgiving with her boyfriend. While they make out by a river, two hobos steal Federline's car. Roberta and Federline eventually find the car at a soup kitchen, but Filthy Nick plays a magic trick on Federline that he always had his car keys. At the soup kitchen, seeing all the families make Roberta realize how she should be with her family on this holiday. Afterwards, Roberta and Federline are teleported back home by Nick.

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